I’m doing 2 blogs in a row! It’s still quiet around here so I’m taking the opportunity to chat about some fun projects we’ve done. This was a shoot with Issac Mizrahi waaaay back in 2011 for a wedding dress site called The Aisle – now sadly defunct. Regardless, I have to say he was such a gentleman and I became an instant fan. He commented on the lip color saying it was the most beautiful color he’s seen on a woman’s lips. (!!!) I love the girl’s sleek bob which I think looks super chic!
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There’s rarely a more exciting thing than getting engaged over the holidays. A new year means exciting new beginnings and we at Timeless Glow are gearing up for a busy year ahead. As I was going through files on my computer, I came across some lovely beauty shots I did for an ad campaign for AVON a few years ago. These were mainly used to sell mascara and eyeshadow so these were highlighted in the images. I think every bride can benefit from beautiful LASHES. I think back years ago to the first time I ever worked with Mariah Carey and she told me she used to be a makeup artist before she was a singer in the early 80’s. She proceeded to teach me how to expertly apply lash clusters by staggering them and building upon each other row after row. I still use this technique often when doing individual lashes. You have to admit, her lashes always look amazing, never fake. The girl in the middle is the lovely Hannah Davis. She’s been Sports Illustrated model for awhile and also currently Derek Jeter’s lady. She is from St. Thomas and has a very sweet Island girl attitude. I’ve worked with her many times luckily – adore her.

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Her dresses are sold exclusively at Saks and Neimans and not surprisingly each dress is filled with the most exquisite detail. The look of the girls was reminiscent of Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”. It’s a classic look with flowing updos, lashes and glowing skin. Here are some behind the scenes shots of our day.IA1





Working with Gillian Anderson for the past 4 days has been such a ride – we rushed from show to show including Carson Daly, The View and Kelly and Michael to do press for her new book. For her makeup I chose to keep her glowing and natural and emphasize her eyes with individual lashes. Her hair was curled back and flowing away from her face. At 46, she looks amazing don’t you think? We do!!!


It’s already the first of August and we are in full wedding season swing. It has been a relatively mild summer here in the Northeast making it comfortable for brides and their guests on this coast. It’s always better to not have to fight sweaty conditions when you’re trying to enjoy yourself and look your absolute best. We have been busy here at TGB as well and travelling near and far to beautify many lovelies along the way. Hope you all are having a great summer!

Makeup by Anthea King

I’m so proud of the new The Knot cover that’s on newsstands right now. This was a bit of summer shot in NYC’s Jack Studios on a very snowy day. The airy dresses and flowers filled the studio and gave us all a reminder that spring IS going to happen! Our model was from Sweden and was such a sweetheart – so down-to-earth and a dream to do makeup for. The Fashion Editor, Jennie Ma is getting married herself in a few months in Normandy. She said she wishes she could fly me out there to do her makeup. Alas, she is budgeting to hire local people. Sounds so dreamy!

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Our team had the pleasure of working with Isabelle Armstrong for another season of bridal market. We love working with them! Not only are the dresses gor-geous, the clients are so sweet and laidback considering all the frenzy happening backstage. It takes a TON of work to make it look seamless to the audience. Each model has to change 2 to 3 times backstage and get back into line to walk the runway. The dressers are frantically unbuttoning, zipping, hooking – all without treading on anything. We are touching up hair that gets ruffled while gowns are flying. Also we are lightly powdering the models who areĀ  moving at a really hurried pace. All in all, it’s always a great feeling to be a part of a fun collaboration!